Since 1993

Music for Media, my vision

I create music and edit sound and dialog for video projects and films.

Film makers and editors do a wonderful job of creating a "look" for their productions with color grading and editing, but often fall short when it comes to their choice of music. Getting your music from a Music Library is often a poor choice for giving your project a unique feel and wastes a lot of time that would be better spent working with a composer to polish your vision.

The modern tendency seems to be "me too" in using a similar sound to other successful creations, as opposed to composing a unique sound track that sets your work apart from others.

I strive to create that one-of-a-kind sound for every project I work on and will offer many different options for you to choose from to polish your project's vision,

Listen to my ever-evolving new sounds onĀ  Soundcloud and in the clips on this website.