Tuning Pt II

So now you’re in tune with the other instruments in the band but you still don’t like the way it sounds. Let’s explore the concept of “cabinet drop” or “changer flex”.
When you push down your A and B pedals together you increase the string tension a lot. Here’s a test. Attach your tuner and check the 4th string E. Make sure it’s straight up in tune and while you are looking at it push the A and B pedals down. It will probably go flat a bit, and if it does, you need to compensate for that detuning by adjusting your A and B pedal stops. Adjust each pedal pull to the equivalent amount of detune. Once you have the pedal changes tuned to the dropped 4th string E, things should start to sound better. All of this takes a little time, but every steel is different, and once you have it dialed in, it’s there as long as you play that instrument.

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